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What Our Clients Say

Albert W.
"I know people who are struggling with addiction that think they have it under control, and that they don’t need help. I thought the same thing. That thinking cost me 10 years of living on the streets, away from my family. I’m grateful to Long Island Detox for helping me out of that life."
Dec 2006 Wantagh, NY
Kristin D
I grew up on the Upper East Side and had a happy childhood. I began smoking pot at age of 11, and eventually I went past pot to club drugs, crystal meth and even heroin. But I have now for over 7 years been drug free and am fiercely proud of it."
March 2011 Baldwin, NY
James S
"A lot of things in my life were coming to a head, my marriage was ending, my mother and father had just passed away within the same year, and I began to love the release that drugs gave me, but looking back I realize it was an easy way out, so thank you LI detox for helping me when i needed it most."
June 2008 Freeport, NY
Steven J
"I started smoking marijuana at age 10. I got into the hard stuff later, like cocaine, hash, opium. I just wanted to be part of the crowd. It was fun for a while. But after turning 30 it just wasn’t fun anymore. I didn’t like what drugs had done to me, and I didn’t want to get high anymore, so I got the help I really needed."
August 2011 Freeport, NY
Elaine Q
"Thank you Dr. Hughes for helping me quit drugs and alcohol, your outpatient program and absolute discretion was exactly what I needed, and is the reason I feel so much better today."
June 2013 Oceanside, NY
Katie S
"Growing up, my mother was a divorced alcoholic and I didn’t know my father. My mother was the town drunk. I started drinking at the age of 11 just to numb the pain she caused, and almost without trying followed in her footsteps. Recovery took a while but eventually I got there. Thank you for being part of my recovery."
January 2014 Far Rockaway, NY
Bob S
"Long Island Detox and Dr Hughes have been exactly what I needed to finally kick the drugs and alcohol addiction I endured for years, your confidential outpatient program was the final stage in my recovery."
June 2014 Oceanside, NY
Fred H
"Few people understand how scary and difficult it is to fight addiction, I’ve been clean since 2010 and know I could never have done it alone, thank you for everything, I am taking one day at a time, and always will."
September 2010 Long Beach, NY