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Our Goal is to provide the help you need !

The staff at Long Island Detox is small and select and connected with the same end-goal, which is the successful rehabilitation of every client who receives our outpatient detox treatment. We are a private and confidential drug and alcohol rehab provider, and have been since 2006. If your goal is to clean up fast and start a new life, then we at Long Island Detox may well your best choice. In addition to these services, we also provide referrals to intensive outpatient counseling or psychotherapy for all patients, and referrals to inpatient detoxification when necessary.

Call (347) 210-1200 or (516) 377-6921 today and request a free confidential consultation and find out if Long Island Detox is the right fit for you and your needs.

  • Expert staff, working together in unison to provide the best possible outpatient detox program in Long Island, New York.
  • Certified Professionals with many years of experience in the field of alcohol and drug rehabilitation.
  • A private and confidential detox service, offering a fast and effective treatment.
  • One of the best outpatient detox programs on Long Island.

The Professionals Say

Sydney Hughes MD of Long Island Detox in Freeport, NY "For over a decade I have overseen the management of patients with chemical dependency in major hospitals and outside too. The drug and alcohol detox programs available through Long Island Detox are personally overseen by myself and my qualified and highly capable staff."
Sydney Hughes Medical Doctor
Nancy Hilsenrath Program Director at Long Island Detox in Freeport, NY. "I have over 25 years of experience and practice within the areas of mental health, chemical addictions and crisis intervention prevention. My field of study and experience has been a passion from when I very young. Helping Clients at Long Island Detox is a gratifying continuation of that experience."
Nancy Hilsenrath Program Director

What it takes to succeed


Commitment to medical detoxification is vital and not just from the medical staff, the client must also be ready to take that important step towards sobriety for themselves.


Our private addiction treatment programs are tailored specifically to individual clients, and those particular clients’ unique and individual needs. No two clients are the same.


Reconnecting with loved ones whether they be family or friends or both is not just a goal, but these people are also likely to become a future pillar of strength and trust too.

Why choose us

A Unique Medical Detoxification Program
We believe at Long Island Detox that no two clients are the same and we tailor our programs to the clients rehabilitation needs on an outpatient basis.
Medical Supervision and Qualified Professional Oversight
At Long Island Detox an experienced Medical Doctor is supervising with the aid of an experienced and qualified mental health professional too. This partnership allows greater insight into a clients well being and overall progress within the outpatient program.
A Fast and Effective Detoxification Treatment
Dr. Sydney Hughes and Nancy Hilsenrath pride themselves on the positive results gained by clients in the outpatient program at Long Island Detox, and further more clients have been amazed at how quickly and effectively the drug and/or alcohol addiction treatment program has proven effective.
A local Long Island Drug and Alcohol Detox Program
Long island Detox is located in Freeport, Long Island, New York and serves the surrounding areas of Queens and Southern and central Nassau County. Within a few minutes drive of the Meadowbrook Parkway and directly off Sunrise highway it is the ideal location and easy to find. Please call us at (347) 210-1200 for directions and or questions concerning hours and new client protocols.
New Outpatient Substance Abuse and Addiction Services
For new clients an initial assessment and evaluation must be performed prior to official inclusion into the Long Island Detox program. This can be brief or comprehensive depending on the clients medical records and prior evaluations. Please remember Long Island Detox only provides outpatient only detoxification services at this time. Please call with ANY questions regarding our services.
Long Island Detox, A Decade of Excellence
For close to a decade now Long Island Detox has prided itself on its excellence in helping others kick the addictions that have held them back, and aided clients in reconnecting with their loved ones. We are 100% committed to your recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and remain ready today as we were close to a decade ago to aid you in your fight for an addiction free life.